A lovely, albeit quieter, Christmas and a relaxing weekend without runners allowing the team more time off than usual when we are busy with horses racing. Half the team have Christmas eve afternoon off and the other half New Years Eve (in addition to an afternoon off in the week for Christmas shopping). On Christmas morning they chose to get in earlier than normal and get the whole yard done and swept before riding one lot out consisting of anything due to run in the next week or so. They all got into the Christmas spirit – with Secret Santa given out before we pulled out (thank you Santa for my Adam Henson mug!) – some wore tinsel, some christmas jumpers and some of the horses tolerated plenty of decorations too! Solstice Star possibly the most tolerant! Well done team. Fizz or port too and more of Neil Clifton’s homemade delicious sausage rolls before the rest of the day off for them.

My parents decided sensibly not to come this year but we facetimed them a few times. A lovely relaxed day and as the kids were flat out from 5am they headed for bed around 8.30am! Happy Christmas to you all.

Huge thanks for all the goodies for us and the team and for the generous donations to the Christmas Box for the team. Much deserved I know but still very thoughtful and they were blown away by everyone’s kindness.

So we awoke to snow today and it wasn’t just my boys that were excited! The team got in safely and then it came down heavier and Beth Whittle was the most excited riding out in it! We kept off the roads and they followed me in the buggy out of the back of the yard and they cantered up a large bank nearby called ‘Debden Bank’ then around the woods, back down The Duke’s old gallop and through the water splash along the bottom. No loose ones and the horses behaved well and seemed to love it!

Sledging for Freddie & Harry and enough to make a snowman too! They are hoping the forecast is right for more snow tomorrow!

One runner at Market Rasen on Wednesday – Reve (James Best) runs for Ollie & Irene Ryan. The ground has gone against my other entries for the last few days – needs to dry up a bit but not sure there is much hope of that. Really feel for those who have had homes/businesses flooded. No time is ever great for that to happen but over Christmas after the year we have had is just awful.



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