Martin’s Blog – Friday 13th

Another busy morning here with lots of visitors. Andrew Jones here to watch his lovely horse World War on the gallops and it was great to show him all our improvements and all that we hope to do too.

Deb Butler and two of her colleagues from Bristol University visited mid morning to meet with us and Chairman Jon Hughes too. Deb worked for David Nicholson in the Condicote days and was an owner and a big part of our team when we were starting up too but she is currently involved in a study at Bristol University looking at horses welfare within the racing industry. She was keen to bring her colleagues to see our yard as she could recall all we used to do for the horses and she hasn’t been for a few years but knew in addition to that we’d also made plenty of improvements.

Their aim is to visit as many yards as they can and they are setting up a few Focus Groups too. We will be seeing more of them as they are keen to come and observe our horses whilst in their stables and in their turnout paddocks too. We are always striving to have the happiest possible horses we can and it was great to be able to show them all we do to help our horses whilst either in their dual aspect stables (ours can look out both ways which helps with ventilation too) or those in their stables with outdoor pens and also all our daily turnout paddocks too. A very interesting study and we will do all we can to help.

Late morning Levi Hunt brought some dressage horses up to use our gallops.  Levi is based at Abbey Dressage near Tewkesbury which is also home to our sponsor Leisure Ride Surfaces so he’s no stranger to the carpet surface however not usually in a straight line up a hill!

Tom Bellamy in this morning and we schooled Forecast and Primogeniture on our all weather loop and they were both very good. Options coming up for both of them in the next fortnight.



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