Martin’s Blog 9th August

A cloudy start this morning which is a temporary relief as the last two days have been hot! The team once again pulled together and decided to start at 5am with 1st lot pulling out for 6am so that they could ride them all before it got unbearably hot.

On Friday we worked Sarasota Star, Dreamsundermyfeet, Be Thankful, Ben Buie, Black Panther, Eclat Des Mottes, Beneagles, Robsam, Enforcement, Mr Mafia, Solstice Star, Mozzaro, City Never Sleeps and Capricia. It was absolutely stunning 1st thing and it certainly justified Paul Davis’s decision to get in early to watch them as the sun was just rising as the team headed up to the gallops for the first time.

We decided to have a Team evening on Friday night too as the forecast was so fantastic and so I cooked a massive Paella (& put a bit on the BBQ for those who don’t like fish) and we had a fabulous evening together. It rounded off a stunning day – we watched the sunrise together and saw the sunset too and everyone was back in bright & early at 5am on Saturday too – what a team.

Warren Marston, James Best & Lilly Pinchin were in yesterday and we worked a few 1st lot including Reve, Found On, Lord Condi, Pinnacle Peak, Gold Mountain, Kazontherazz, Black Panther and Raving Bonkers.

James and Lilly then schooled Robsam, Capricia, Sarasota Star, Beneagles, Enforcement, Ben Buie, City Never Sleeps, Eclat Des Mottes, Be Thankful and Miss Antipova.

Freddie & Harry missed our Paella night as they were having far more fun at a camping sleepover of 10 boys with Sophia & Guy Upton’s boys Richard & Patrick. They had an absolutely brilliant time however we do believe them when they say they got hardly any sleep as they slept all afternoon on the sofa yesterday! Poor Sophia was on duty at the Start at Uttoxeter all evening so hopefully she has had the chance of a long lie in today!

I am regretting running Ten Past Midnight at Stratford in the novices’ hurdle although he’s home safe and sound which is the main thing. It was his hurdling debut and often there is not that much pace early on in a novices’ hurdle so they have a chance to see their hurdles and get into a rhythm before the pace picks up. However so many wanted to make the running that they went flat out as soon as the tapes went up and he was literally run off his feet. I believe they smashed the course record too! He’s a big baby but does love his jumping and I know there is far more to come from him as he’s got a lovely attitude.

No runners this week ahead but lots of the winter horses are stepping up their work. Their is more racing next week so we will have quite a few entries and it will be good to start getting more owners to the racecourses too.

Those of you who aren’t on our Newsletter Mailing List and wish to be please let us know – our August edition was circulated yesterday. Lots to read about and enjoy!



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