Martin’s Blog 8th September

Saturdays are never quiet here! Our open house policy ensures that we have visitors regularly and especially on Saturdays and today was no different. A beautiful sky greeted us and plenty of horses working both first and second lot.

Warren Marston, Andrew Tinkler and Mark Caswell all in to ride work and we worked Dr Dunraven, Raving Bonkers, Ben Buie, Reve, Pirate Look, Debden Bank, Back on the Lash, World War, Oscar World, Buckle Street, Somewhere To Be, Brillare Momento, Chequered View, Cotswold Prince, Mister Valentine, Finnick Glory and Twentyoneblackjack. Plenty of others doing swinging canters and some just doing quiet canters.

Just as we thought we only had owners from 2nd lot onwards….Simon and Katherine Prowting surprised us and Belinda, who had stayed behind in the office organising things for our Owners’ Day next weekend, managed to get them up to the gallops in time to see their Raving Bonkers work under Kieran O’Hare. They’d woken early in Bristol and decided there was no better way to spend a Saturday morning and always great to see them as they would cheer up anyone! Always fun when they are in the yard and they headed off after 2nd lot towards the Hollow Bottom for a late breakfast. It’s never a problem to us when owners arrive unannounced. Apart from Sundays which, if we are home with no runners we’d prefer to try and have a bit of family time (although most is spent working!), we are very happy to see them.

Zoe Stock and her father Des were in to watch the Stock family’s lovely Fame and Glory mare, Finnick Glory, work under their son/grandson Harry. We are so pleased how she is going and our ongoing thoughts are with Chris Stock who is in hospital and no doubt Harry’s Stratford winner today was a welcome boost for him and the family – such a special family.

Late morning Irene and Ollie Ryan were here with Ollie’s nephew Kieran and daughter Holly. The team stood up their horses for them and they were delighted with how they looked. This time of year before the horses’ coats change is a fabulous time where there is no reason for you not to see your face in their coats! We then headed for The Sheep on Sheep Street in Stow on the Wold for an inpromptu lunch which was delicious and very entertaining.

Last night we had a delicious lamb feast courtesy of owner John Abernethy who kindly delivered us a huge selection of lamb to fill our freezer. I don’t mind doing a bit of cooking … I find it relaxing and as Belinda was thoroughly spoilt by her mum who was an amazing cook and only left home to move in with me, she doesn’t admit to being the best cook so I often need to take over! John’s lamb absolutely melted and we will be enjoying it for a little while too as well as my Assistant Foxy who took some chops home himself!



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