Martin’s Blog 7th September

It’s ironic that as we experience temperatures hotter than most of August, it’s the end of the summer holidays for the boys and they headed back to school yesterday. It’s been great having them at home and we have certainly crammed loads in and managed a quick overnight trip to London on Monday thanks to the generosity of “Super Mario” who kindly allowed us to stay in his Paddington Hotel. It’s an enjoyable walk to Oxford Street where we sorted the final bits for school including school shoes – better late than never!

Hot in London though and, as much as we love going there, it’s always good to get back home! I purposely made no entries this week as I didn’t want to run any of them on the quicker ground that we are bound to be getting with these high temperatures. Too hot for the horses in training to be out all day though so they have all had a pick of grass after they’ve been ridden and whilst they dry off after being hosed down. Their stables are pretty cool and they are then away from the flies this heat attracts.

Cool in our Owners’ Room thankfully too for our quarterly Finance Meeting with Accountant Roger Downes who we always look forward to seeing and who, along with Paul Davis, keeps a very close eye on the all important numbers. Encouragingly we have the most horses in we’ve ever had albeit with a frustrating summer where we hit the crossbar a few too many times.

Jane Berry called in yesterday with a warm ‘just out of the oven’ loaf of banana bread which was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately she just missed ‘Hot Goddess’ a lovely Mahler mare she shares with her sister, Rosemary, cantering up the gallops but the team all appreciated the banana bread and Jane had plenty of time to see her when she was back in her stable. Hot Goddess has been with Martin Jones in Redmarley to be backed and ridden away and we are so pleased with her attitude as she settles in here.

Football season for the boys has started and Harry’s Broadway team winning a friendly vs Tewkesbury 7-2 last night with Harry scoring a good penalty. I missed him last night as I was busy sending out work videos to owners but I do try to get to watch him as much as I can. Work videos are so important though and the owners really enjoy seeing any videos of their horses so it’s vital for us to send them as much footage as we can and it’s something I really enjoy too.

I’m having issues with my phone at the moment if you can’t get hold of me. Hopefully sorted by lunchtime as I change from 02 (awful coverage) to EE which I hope is better. I can’t have a conversation with an owner on my way to or from the races without cutting off multiple times – I hope EE, when it eventually works, is going to be more reliable.



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