Martin’s Blog 7th October

We are ruled by the weather and it is something I’m constantly checking, not only to decide what rugs the horses should be wearing when they come back in from being ridden (a thermatex rug to wick away moisture to a light sheet or a thicker top rug), but also when they are out in the field each day (fly sheets, light turnouts, thick turnouts or a combination) and also overnight in their stables. Our horses are so lucky to have full wardrobes of a selection of rugs – they aren’t cheap, especially when some horses love wrecking them, but keeping them warm enough without being too warm is so important.

It also obviously determines where horses are running and with the ground drying up at Chepstow I’ve not declared Witness Protection for the Tote Silver Trophy there on Saturday but instead he will probably go chasing at Newton Abbot on Sunday. Summer horses like Mr Mafia are happy though as there it was looking as if he may be going off on his winter holidays without another run for a few days but the drying ground definitely suits him. As usual, what suits one won’t suit another and plans have to be fluid.

On Monday night I took the family to see James Bond at The Regal Cinema in Evesham and it was fabulous. Often difficult to get the time to have an evening together and, a little bit on the late side for the boys, but thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended! How the Cinema has changed – we shared a table, had food beforehand and I could text for more wine or beer throughout the performance (Belinda was driving!) – perfect!

Such a shame that Reve made a mistake at the last at Stratford on Monday giving Patrick Cowley no chance of keeping the partnership together. He looked at least booked for 2nd place so it was disappointing however both walked away relatively unscathed (a small cut on Reve wasn’t as bad as originally feared) so that has to be a positive. Reve deserves a change of luck.

On Tuesday sisters Jane Berry and Rosemary Peel-Yates were here to watch Herecomeshogan on the gallops and it was lovely to see them both and thanks to Paul Davis, as always, looking after them so well. There are only a few shares remaining in Hogan for 2022 – he’s our first venture into micro syndication and through the use of The Racing Manager App to assist us it’s been good fun keeping in touch with everyone. 125 shares available and only about 15 remaining – as with all our syndicates, his is a member of the Racehorse Syndicates Association and, as such, adheres to strict rules & regulations with complete financial transparency being one of those and something we feel very strongly about.

Yesterday we took Mahanakhon Power (James Best) and City Never Sleeps (Harry Atkins) to Jon Trice-Rolph’s Todenham base for schooling over poles and hurdles in the outdoor arena before going out into the paddock to jump tyres and logs. City went as a lead horse and to give Harry a nice ride so that Jonny could concentrate on Harry himself – not that he needed much help as he rode very well and Jonny was thrilled with him. Mahanakhon Power took to it so well and we are thrilled with him. There are shares available in him so do either get in touch with me or get in touch with David Parry (07702806847) for more information. Exciting times to be part of our team enjoying our best ever start to the season.

Today Roger & Yvonne Allsop’s Samtara heads to Worcester over hurdles under Patrick Cowley, who gets on so well with him. The unluckiest horse in training last season with three 2nds and always losing out in photo finishes yet being hammered each time by the Handicapper. So frustrating as I always think the Handicapper should give a horse the chance to win before crucifying them…if he hasn’t won, how is he going to win next time with more weight, is my argument! Anyway, a new season and he deserves to have a very successful one. Jasmin, my Head Girl, rides him out and looks after him and adores him so no-one would be happier than her when he does win! Good luck Samtara!



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