Martin’s Blog 8th September

We’ve gone a couple of weeks without runners so apologies for no blog as we have still been having lots of visitors but no runners to talk about!

Recent visitors to the yard include David Maughan, Matthew Baker, Neil Clifton, Pat Cornell and Paul Davis. After a busy spell with more summer runners than most seasons we are in that in between season time that the horses that ran later into the summer than we expected are now having their break and those that finished earlier are back in but not ready to run yet.

The boys are back at school after a fun summer holiday packed with riding out & shetland racing (Freddie) and football training and chief shetland racing supporter (Harry)! Not quite the weather we would all have loved to have but I don’t think the children realise – it’s us adults that would prefer a bit more sun on occasions! We were all at Moreton Show on Saturday watching Freddie race Blackie in the Shetland Pony Grand National and, as always, it was a brilliant day. What a show they put on and hats off to all the organisers as it was great fun and must take some huge amount of organising all for one day … the biggest one day show in the country so they tell us! The weather, for once, was very kind to them and the huge crowd said it all. I hope they made plenty to help make up for the losses last year.

Bob Champion – the Shetland Pony Grand National ponies raise money for his amazing charity
Freddie’s sponsor & our supplier of haylage and shavings, Ollie Garner and daughter Zara with Freddie & Blackie.

Huge congratulations to Kitty King who has been selected for the Senior European Eventing Team – much deserved and good luck to her in Switzerland later this month.

Kitty King
2 1/2 years apart – which one wants to be the jockey?!!



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