Martin’s Blog 5th September

Plenty did their fast work this morning and both Warren Marston and James Best were in to ride work. We worked Sarasota Star, Black Panther, Found On, Back on the Lash, Reve, Capricia, Cotswold Prince, Pinnacle Peak, Solstice Star, Beneagles and Eclat Des Mottes. All the rest cantered including Dreamsundermyfeet and Robsam worked yesterday under the watchful eye of owner Matt Capp and his father. Michael Chitty was also in yesterday to see Ten Past Midnight.

We made the long drive to Sedgefield yesterday for faster ground which got even faster by the time ours run. Lord Condi found two miles on quick ground too sharp around there and was always pretty much flat out. We’ll run him over further next time but he behaved jumping off and was doing his best work at the end to finish 4th. Ben Buie was also doing his best work towards the finish in the following race but over hurdles. The main aim was to get him to settle and race properly which James Best did well. He jumped well too and will also probably need further. Thanks to Paddy Berkins and Beth Whittle for looking after them both so well and enabling me to stay at home. I had no owners going and there is always so much to do back here so I made the most of it knowing the horses with James there too were in good hands.

On Thursday night we had a Paella evening here to thank those involved in our Virtual Owners’ Day especially Neil Lloyd, who was the technical brains behind it and is MD for our sponsor FBC Manby Bowdler. A very good night was had by all and we were pleased we’d postponed it 24 hours as on Wednesday night the weather was atrocious and we were outside!

Today Black Prince heads to Stratford to run in a selling hurdle under Lilly Pinchin. He is possibly the most frustrating horse we’ve had! We kept him going throughout lockdown and he’s been declared to run two or three times already (I’ve tried to block it out of my mind!) but in the 48 hours between declarations closing and the actual race he’s managed to injure himself one way or another. The most fragile horse ever but certainly has ability and kept us all entertained throughout Lockdown with his cheekiness! He’ll no doubt need the run today being a big burley horse but I’m just thrilled he’s got there for not only the team but his most patient owners!



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