Martin’s Blog 5th March

The snow has nearly gone thank goodness. It has been hard work for us all, not least Simon Claisse, Ben Hastie and the team at Cheltenham who spent the whole weekend removing the snow drifts from in front of and behind all the fences/hurdles on the track ahead of next week. Huge dedication throughout racing shown during this crazy weather.

Sadly poorliness in our household with the boys wiped out by a virus. Harry has missed all but Thursday of the snow – unlike him to not leave the house as both boys are usually out dawn till dusk…Belinda is hoping they are back at school tomorrow or she’ll need gin! If they were poorly next week I’m sure their school wouldn’t think it was quite as genuine! They have been trying to negotiate a trip to The Festival for months…until now it’s been a really good bartering tool when they have been pretending they are too ill for school – this time it is genuine!

Most of the horses just doing steady canters around the circular loop today whilst Brillare Momento and Spice Girl, who were ridden out yesterday, also had a canter up the long gallop.

Washing machines no longer frozen and back in action, every water tap now working again … let’s hope that is the last frost of the winter.



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