Martin’s Blog 5th June

A good morning with those who have been in for a while doing a fast piece of work. Paul Davis was here for the first time since lockdown and it was great to see him. All of our owners have been sent details on how to visit and keep safe at the same time and as Paul helped with those instructions he was very well behaved himself!!

We worked Cotswold Prince (Warren), Black Prince (Harry Atkins), Mr Mafia (Belinda), Capital Force (Paddy Berkins), Gold Mountain (James Best), Lord Condi (Beth Whittle), Ten Past Midnight (Jasmin) and Raving Bonkers (Deb). All the rest cantered 1st lot.

Matt Capp was in third lot to watch Dreamsundermyfeet and Robsam and it was really good to see Matt too. Obviously things are a bit different as we currently don’t allow owners into the stables themselves or the office but there is plenty of space here and they can watch the horses cantering on our loop by the yard from the viewing mound and across at the gallops too. On his way home, Matt and I then both drove over to see the yearlings we have in a field locally and it was great for him to see them. I’m so pleased with how they are growing and they look great.

Looking forward to getting back racing – hopefully next week with Black Prince entered at Chelmsford where we will need to beat the ballot. He’s in good form.



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