Martin’s Blog 5th December

Apologies for the lack of blog over the last few days – it’s been busy and we’ve had lots of visitors! This morning Coot & Rich Lloyd were in on their 25th Wedding Anniversary to watch Pinnacle Peak and Just A Deal school – Sean Bowen squeezed in first lot here despite being in the first race at Lingfield which was much appreciated. We schooled plenty this morning and I was very pleased with them.

Coot & Rich have had a weekend of celebrations, and rightly so, however they’ve set the bar sky high and it’s our 25th wedding anniversary next year ….! On Saturday evening we joined them and their family and friends at an absolutely fabulous party at the Fitzdares Club, Naunton Downs and Rich gave such a wonderful speech that I’m also going to struggle to match next year …Belinda said she’d not forget what lovely words Rich used about Coot! Yesterday we finished off with a Hangover Brunch at The Farmers Arms, Guiting Power and, as well as Rich & Coot being the last to leave Fitzdares at apparently 4am, they were reportedly still at the Farmers late into yesterday evening too. Hard core to get up and watch schooling this morning too but it must have blown away any cobwebs!

On Saturday Paul Davis and Richard Cook were in to watch the horses we didn’t work on Friday and they both certainly felt the change in weather as it’s definitely winter although I’m on weather watch constantly as I hope that this week’s racing is on…

Jon Hughes and Matt Capp were both in to watch the horses work on Friday. Workers included Spanish Present, Pinnacle Peak, Back on the Lash, Pattern Cutter, Samtara, Dreamsundermyfeet, Spice Boy and Ballyvango whilst Miladygrace and Just A Deal just did a swinging canter.

Gail Eggington was here on Friday too discuss biosecurity options and show us what she does in many yards. Hygiene is obviously a huge topic in racing as we try and keep our horses as healthy as possible so a lot of thought goes into stable matting, bedding, cleaning rugs, bridles etc. and we try to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Satisfyingly through the tests she did on our stables she was impressed with how clean they already are however there is always room for improvement so food for thought.

No runners for a few days but we head to Uttoxeter tomorrow with Foxtrot Racing’s Rolling Clouds.

My boys are following the World Cup very closely so are thrilled England are through to the next stage. I got to watch most of Harry’s match at Drakes Broughton on Saturday where they won 3-0 and although he played well it was a rare game without a goal for him. Freddie, meanwhile, was riding 6 lots out for Dan Skelton which he does most Saturdays and is learning so much too. It’s so good to get him away from us molly coddling him although is quite a trek for Belinda and an early start too as she usually likes to get back here to ride out 1st lot. His football team played well on Sunday but unfortunately were beaten 1-0. It’s so good for them to play sport as part of a team and they are both very lucky to have very good coaches and great mates in their teams too.



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