Martin’s Blog 4th March

A few tough days in our sport and whilst I don’t feel I need to add further to so much that has already been said, we continue to ensure the care for each and every horse that we have here is the best we possibly can provide and I’m so proud that all our team love them all so much too. We are so fortunate to be doing what we are doing and without the wonderful horses, none of us would be able to live the life we love so much. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with us and know how much respect and love we all show our horses. Let’s hope our sport is soon back in the news for all the right reasons.

Yesterday the horses enjoyed a lovely hack around the estate and also our next door estate owned by Annie Cox and her family. They love cantering around fields, through woods and finishing up with a canter up our grass gallops. The Team enjoy it too. We had Fergus Gregory, Kai Lenehan and Harry Stock in for a couple of lots each too. Hannah Ashton in to check and treat the horses.

Cantering this morning and some of the horses back in after a short break too so a busy morning.

We are having trouble with our Twitter account, which some of you may have realised, and are currently in Twitter jail as I inadvertently used a song I’d purchased online as a backing track to one of the videos I shared but I now know that as I didn’t actually have permission I shouldn’t have used it. They have therefore suspended my account until such a time as I’ve deleted the tweet in question. However…..I can’t get back on to delete it as I’m suspended and I’m not getting much help from the powers that be either so it’s very frustrating. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get back online then I’d love to hear from you – not via Twitter messenger though obviously! Email or phone me and I’ll be very grateful!



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