Martin’s Blog 4th April

A bit of rain this morning and we schooled some of the horses over our new extended strip of 8 flights of hurdles (which will soon be 10 flights). We schooled Reve (led by Champion Court), Dr Dunraven, Cut and Run, Morning Herald. I am always keen to ensure I do plenty of schooling with all the horses which hopefully tells on the course. Nearly all the team here school too – all are good enough but some would rather leave it to the others but all get plenty of opportunities which I know aren’t available at some yards. I’m sure it helps with team morale.

Jon Hughes here this morning and another worthwhile meeting. Adam, our computer genius, here to sort out a printer problem and any computer glitches – above and beyond us! Mike Hughes here too for a catch up and to discuss our path to the yard for vehicles and people. The awful wet spring hasn’t helped but it needs smartening up again. Frustrating but Mike has great ideas and the weather needs to get better soon!

Sky Calling’s three year old son ‘Boysie’ by Sulamani has settled in well and seems to have as much presence as her. Whilst at the other end of the scale Cup of Ambition left to retire with Jamie Goldstein and his family in Lewes where they have a Equestrian Establishment and he will no doubt enjoy a long and happy retirement at a slower pace of life than the racing that he fell out of love with. Another successful re-homing.



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