Martin’s Blog 2nd March

Some rain and also Lucjan, our yardman, spent plenty of time watering our schooling ground (watering in Feb…I know!) so we were able to school on the grass this morning. Sean Bowen and James Best in to school along with our yard Conditional Harry Atkins and we also had Freddie in this morning thanks to the teachers being on strike!

We schooled Zestful, Enforcement, Ambassador, Another Day Out, Brianna Rose, Rolling Clouds, Back On The Lash, Pinnacle Peak, Witness Protection, Miladygrace, Just A Deal, Samtara, Miss Antipova and Wide To West. All the rest cantered.

Freddie had a birthday earlier this week but, being a Leap Day boy, on a non-leap year he chooses to celebrate it on the 28th February. Sadly for him it was a school day but he did at least have a footie game then training after school! Next year, his 16th (4th!) Birthday IS a Leap Year! Today we wish a Happy Birthday to Harry Redknapp, part owner of Back on the Lash.



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