Martin’s Blog 2nd June

A new month and we head up to Cartmel today, home of the Sticky Toffee Pudding, with Dariya who has been largely frustrating since David Parry claimed her last autumn. She drops back to a Selling Hurdle today and we are hoping she will be more competitive back in that grade. Quicker ground will suit her and she looks well in her coat and seems well at home. Sean Bowen, who won on Back On The Lash for us on Sunday, rides.

This morning Paul Davis was in and Duane Biggerstaff and Steve Thomasson were having their first visit to the yard and, in their words, didn’t want to leave! A stunning morning and horses working first lot so James Best, Warren Marston and Harry Stock all in and we worked Mr Mafia, Cloud Formation, Debden Bank, Be Thankful, Dreamsunderthefeet, Pinnacle Peak, Robsam, Cut And Run, Reve and Sarasota Star all worked. Steve has been planning a visit to see Fiddledi Dee who we’d promised him first refusal on the final share – Duane brought a bottle of champagne in preparation for a positive answer and we were delighted to share it upon celebration of selling the final share. A really fun morning with Duane and Steve and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves stating the horses here are in ‘horse heaven’! We do our best to make sure they want for nothing!

Paul, Steve, me & Duane this morning

On that note, it’s so hot at the moment that although the horses love being turned out in the field, staying out all day is too energy sapping so we turn them straight out after they are ridden each lot and then get them in at lunchtime. They are ready to come in and it’s perfect as they have their gallop around and then come back into their cool stables for the rest of the day.

Monday was such a lovely day and with it being a Bank Holiday I organised to cook a BBQ and one of my Paella’s for the Team and their partners and we had a lovely evening. Back On The Lash joined us after we’d eaten for photos on the grass mound and there were still some of us sitting around the fire when it was dark. A fun time and something I love doing for the team.

Team Keighley are Back On The Lash!
Lash joins us after supper
Stunning evening



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