Martin’s Blog 2nd August

A surprise visit from the BHA before 1st lot – two ladies working for the Integrity Department here to take bloods from 15 horses on their list – a random visit but something that routinely happens in Licensed yards across the country. Always a bit of a hassle as it means taking one person off whatever they had planned to do to help hold all 15 horses and fill in their paperwork however a necessary part of keeping our sport as clean as possible and the girls couldn’t have been nicer – they brought biscuits too! The girls commented what a great friendly team we have here – we do and I love hearing what a lovely atmosphere people think we have – I’m sure the horses pick up on it too.

Warm again and just a cantering day for the team here. We even had Freddie in the saddle on a racehorse with the string for the first time – he’s been badgering me for days now to sit on Back on the Lash, an unbeaten four year old who is pretty sensible and not too big either. He only walked and trotted around the loop but his smile said it all. Ash got on him to canter but Freddie can’t wait until he’s good enough to stay on board – no doubt that time will fly by!

Planning is so important and it’s something I like to do with my owners – some are keen to have longer term plans than others, some owners want to be actively involved in finding the races for their horses. However some owners are happy with just planning one or two races ahead – they are all different so it’s always important to try and find out which category they fall into to make sure I can try and work with them the best way possible.



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