Martin’s Blog 24th April

Inspiring to watch the London Marathon yesterday and John Nicholson, who rides out for us on Saturdays, celebrated his birthday by running for local charity Well Child. Well done to all who ran for so many different charities and raised so much money.

No runners this weekend and the promised rain today hasn’t really materialised. We would love some more to fill the reservoir and help the grass to grow a bit too. We are so lucky to have our Leisure Ride Carpet Gallop as our grass gallop is now far too firm and unless we water the schooling ground constantly then it’s not good enough to school on. We moved the portable fences onto the gallop today so managed to school quite a few on that which was great.

We schooled Johnny Og, Cup of Ambition, Somewhere To Be, Ocean Eleven, Thady Quil, Double Chocolate and Ballymountain Boy. Andrew Tinkler was in for three lots before heading off to Warwick.



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