Martin’s Blog 20th October

What a busy morning! We worked Brillare Momento, Bobble Emerald, Buckle Street, Madame Fiona, Lerichi Belle, Weyburn, Miss Condi, Whatalove, My Lad Percy, Cottersrock, Somewhere To Be and Spice Boy. Solstice Star schooled first lot.

Belinda was up early putting the bacon on as we had lots of visitors today and we always try and do enough for the team too as they work hard and I’m sure they appreicate them so lots and lots of bacon required! As well as Chairman Jon Hughes, Ollie & Irene Ryan were in to watch Brillare Momento and Buckle Street and they brought two friends with them too, matthew Baker was here to see Buckle Street too, Richard Davies was here to watch the Spices – Girl & Boy, Liz Parker and a friend came too as they bought a Champagne Breakfast morning on the gallops at an auction, John and Claire Abernethey were in to watch the Getaway Filly and Peter Boggis was also here to watch Whatalove whom they share.

Kim Smith-Bingley was here late morning with a supplement to show us and commented on how there was an amazing buzz around the yard and he really did sum up what the yard felt like today as everyone does seem to be buzzing and excited about the season ahead. It is a great time to get involved if you are thinking about doing so whether it be by joining our Racing Club at £500 for the year, venturing into a partnership for as little as a few hundred pounds a month or whether you wish to have a leg in a horse or indeed a horse of your own in training. We are always happy for you to come in and talk through any of this and would love to show you around our amazing facilities of which we are so proud. Just give us a call.



If you would like to have a horse trained by Martin Keighley, visit the yard or make an enquiry