Martin’s Blog 20th March

There isn’t any racing to write about but with so many of you at home and some self isolating too we thought we ought to do all we can to keep you updated with life here – as you all know, with livestock, life must go on.

We are hoping that racing will commence as soon as it is able and are therefore keeping quite a few horses in training and can not thank our owners enough for their ongoing support. We will do all we can to get through this together and it has been lovely to hear/see the team laughing this morning around the yard and on the gallops in such stressful times. We are indebted to their support too.

Lots of the horses enjoyed a hack around the village and then along the valley and through the woods to join the bottom of our gallops – a hack they love. We have also turned some of our mares out this morning for a mini break and they galloped off without a care in the world! Thanks to Alan and Anna Varey for helping out with turnout – they are very happy out there!

Like the horses, that are oblivious to the worrying times we are all facing, the boys are also mostly oblivious and very excited about the prospect of home schooling – let’s see how long that lasts! Fortunately for them they have all this fresh air and space around them and neither are missing exams or at particularly important stages in their education. Freddie is at senior school now and they have spent this week showing them how they are going to continue their timetable as normal, albeit distance learning. Harry is still at primary school but he has enough to keep him busy too for a few hours a week.

I think we are all so fortunate for the ideas and help via the internet too but particularly to have such dedicated teachers who have worked tirelessly in their spare time as well to ensure our children don’t miss out.

Obviously Belinda and I work from home and so we can carry on ‘as normal’ without the stress of worrying about who looks after our boys so we are fortunate (although it’s a bit of a juggle!). We don’t have grandparents to rely on nearby for any general childcare – Belinda’s parents are sadly no longer with us and my parents live in Yorkshire although thankfully they come to stay regularly. However, they are sensibly self-isolating themselves for the next 12 weeks as they are (they’ll love me for pointing it out to you all!) over 70 and both also have underlying illnesses. I feel for those juggling children/work and isolation far more than us.

For those of you on Facebook and/or Twitter we will do our best to keep you updated or uplifted hopefully with videos of the horses and team so you can feel you are here even though you aren’t! Our Facebook page is Keighley Racing Ltd and Twitter accounts are: @MartinKeighley7 and @TeamKeighley

Keep safe everyone.



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