Martin’s Blog 1st December

I think we’ve had all the seasons so far this week with the rain belting against the window at the moment – much needed rain may I add.

Saturday’s blizzard of snow came and went and by Sunday morning there was nothing left as we headed to London for a couple of days. We had no runners and the boys school was closed – a bonus day off as they try to fit the extra holidays next year that the Queen’s Jubilee will bring into their school year. No complaining as we couldn’t wait to head down to stay with ‘Super Mario’ who so generously welcomes us into his Paddington Hotel which is perfect for access to everywhere we seem to want to visit.

Super Mario’s tree is up!

However, we’d not been in London long when Jasmin sent us snowy pictures of our Labrador Windsor out for a walk – good job we didn’t leave it any later to head into Town! In fact the snow looked quite thick on Monday morning but, as always, the team were in and on top of it all and everything continued to work like clockwork.

Snow covering

Meanwhile we enjoyed precious family time – a bit of Christmas shopping, a trip to Winter Wonderland and we were back in Gloucestershire in time (just!) for me to join Dan Abraham and his Foxtrot Syndicate’s Forum on Monday evening to talk about the success we have enjoyed together and what lies in store for Witness Protection and Pay The Woman.

Tubing fun – Winter Wonderland
Sit tight….the most awesome roller coaster in Winter Wonderland!

This morning James Best (happy birthday for yesterday!) and Finn Lambert were in and we schooled Duke of Luckley, Debden Bank, Mahanakhon Power & Breizh Alko and they jumped well.

We also had Hannah Steedman in to use her amazing Indiba Therapy machine on some of the horses and Katie Frisby was in to give Salt Therapy to some of the upcoming runners too. Deb Butler was busy clipping those due to run as well so plenty of TLC for the horses on a day that we kept them in and decided not to turn them out as it was a raw wind and the rain was always going to come in this afternoon.



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