Martin’s Blog 1st August

1st August already….!

A fun morning with Racing UK cameras here to film one of our physios, Hannah Ashton, for a feature on This Racing Life soon. Hannah’s partner Alex Steedman was doing the interviewing and it was great to see Katie Macey back here – she was here quite a few years ago in the days of Channel 4 Racing and the Morning Line doing a Christmas Day feature on the boys dressed as elves which went out on Boxing Day morning…it was brilliant but you’d not get Freddie in a Elf outfit now! I’m sure it will be a great piece on the importance of keeping our top class athletes in top shape. They then went on to interview Allen Webb about his life in racing and I’m sure that will be fabulous too – Webby is a star.

Just a quiet day today with the horses cantering around the loop. No rain but not too hot either so perfect for a full day in the field.

Belinda & I are having mobile phone issues so a trip to Cheltenham becons….the hassle it takes to change to a cheaper tariff/provider .. I know the companies must bank on the fact it’s too much hassle but we were paying far too much. It will all be worth it I’m sure!

Harry’s teacher Miss Chester gets married today at Temple Guiting Church. She was Freddie’s teacher for two years too so the boys are joining some of their class mates to surprise her outside the church. She will look stunning and the boys are excited.



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