Martin’s Blog 17th July

Stunning weather yesterday and for the next few days. Too hot for our horses to stay out all day so they go straight out after they’ve been ridden and come in late morning so they still have the chance to stretch their legs but are back in before the hot sun drains them. They come back into their stables and enjoy a lunchtime nap in the cool!

Horses just cantered yesterday morning and we had James Best, Miranda Theobald and Harry Greasby all in to ride out. Chris & Helen Gerring were in at evening stables to catch up with us all and have a look around the yard. Mr Mafia was the lucky recipient of the majority of their polos and he certainly wasn’t complaining!

We had a birthday in the house yesterday – Harry celebrated his 11th Birthday! Quite easy to buy for – anything football or sport related so he was out with his brother before school using his new footie training equipment!

Harry (centre) as Inspector Lestrade in his school play this week! An actor in the making?!

My parents down from Yorkshire to help celebrate and we had a delicious lunch at The Fox at Broadwell where Dom & Ed Simpson looked after us as well as ever. Delicious food, a large garden and highly recommended.

A drink with lunch at The Fox in Broadwell

Harry’s supper request was to stay at home with us all and have a steak so a perfect evening at home and he even had a fly by….!

The best seat in the house?

Warren Marston, Harry Stock and Kai Lenehan all in this morning and we worked Cloud Formation, Cut And Run and Fiddledi Dee. Tilly Jarrett in 1st lot to watch the horses on the gallops.

This morning we send out our monthly newsletter. Do let us know if you are not on the distribution list and wish to be.

A football party this afternoon so a bunch of 10 – 13 year olds descend on us and a few are camping here tonight too so I may well be glad of the peace and quiet on my drive to Newton Abbot tomorrow! We run Alan & Anna Varey’s Miss Antipova and Be Thankful for our Racing Club, both partnered by James Best whose wife, at the time of writing this blog, is now a few days overdue with their 2nd child…..



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