Martin’s Blog 15th July

Drizzle this morning but any rain is much needed. Work morning a lots of extra riders in – Warren Marston, Mark Caswell, John Nicholson and Harry Stock which is always a great help on a Saturday especially when we still have a few members of staff off on holiday.

We worked Enforcement, Miss Condi, Buckle Street, Sporty Yankee, Ocean Eleven, Cut & Run and Altesse De Guye. Everything else did one or two canters and tomorrows runners all breezed up 2nd time.

Richard Davies was in to watch his duel Bumper winner Spice Girl and Tilly Jarrett was in to watch the Racing Club’s duel winner Viking Mistress canter and The Kvilleken, who will run for them tomorrow, breeze up.

David & Mary Cull called in mid morning with a birthday present for Harry who is 7 tomorrow (they never forget a birthday!) and roped themselves into helping at his sporty birthday party tomorrow – Mary is now head of catering! Our fantastic kitchen and owner’s room will become a hub of activity for about 30 children tomorrow lunchtime – we are getting plenty of use out of it! Mary and Tilly were also helping with today’s bacon sandwiches for the team and visitors and balloon blowing up too! What a great team of helpers we have although Mary is now officially an owner too as she is in the Racing Club!

So Belinda arranged Harry’s birthday party for tomorrow morning thinking we’d all then be heading as a family to Stratford Races however the races worked out better for my entries at Southwell so, without trying to be a fly in the ointment, we are off to Southwell instead! Luckily my parent are here for the weekend so the boys can stay at home and play with Harry’s inevitably new pile of toys! Sunshine has been ordered for tomorrow though please!

Another great blog from our Chairman, Jon Hughes, who runs the successful Owners for Owners Partnerships. Do click HERE to read it.



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