Martin’s Blog 13th December

The boys are back at school so that’s a sign that the snow is thawing! Definitely milder today – it’s a balmy +3 degrees here this morning! We haven’t stopped with the horses although we’ve not ventured across the road to our long carpet gallop/grass gallops and we’ve instead stayed on our carpet loop at the yard which has meant everything has been exercised safely and well. To read that some have had to box horses 2 or 4 at a time to gallops makes us realise how very fortunate we are to have the facilities we do.

We’ve had such a good time after the horses have been exercised out on our sledges with the boys over the last few days though and have made the most of it – they were joined with their friends Richard and Patrick Upton from Jackdaws Castle yesterday and their mum and horse racing Starter Sophie – great fun!

We’ve had our physios in over the last two days – Maggie Turner and Hannah Ashton and farrier Nick Partridge yesterday too – all have made such a great effort to come in and ensure our horses are looked after superbly.

Cheltenham will be our next meeting on Friday with three entries on Friday and Brillare Momento on Saturday so will watch the weather and decide if they run. We also have entries at Hereford on Saturday and Southwell on Sunday. Could be getting busy again after a quite snowy spell.



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