Martin’s Blog 12th May

Sunshine today but cold – we’ve had a couple of cold nights too and yesterday we had a bitterly cold wind here all day. Rugs on horses as well – what a change a few days make. But we are promised sunshine again by the weekend.

The horses in training seem well – they are living out and just coming in to be ridden at the moment whilst obviously having plenty of hard feed and haylage whilst out in the field too. We now know that racing won’t start till 1st June at the earliest – we only have two in training that can run on the flat and we know that jump racing won’t start until 1st July at the earliest.

We’ve virtually finished the steam cleaning – with special thanks to Deb Butler who has been coming back in her spare time to help out in the afternoon and it’s much appreciated. There is always plenty to do around the yard though and with the recent rain and sunshine the grass just won’t stop growing! It does feel weird being so very quiet here but we are hoping to be on top of most of the jobs before the full team arrive back next month.

Deb & Vicki have kindly cleaned all the tack that has been kept here and had a huge tidy up too so the team may not recognise the place! They’ve helped me with lots of washing and we’ve managed to finish washing about 200 rugs with the larger ones being professionally cleaned locally. All takes hard work but is satisfying and great to be on top of things ahead of what we hope will be a busy season ahead.

Home schooling seems to be getting easier – maybe because they know it just has to be done or maybe because they know that if they get into it and get it finished in the morning they have the full afternoon to enjoy! Lots of fun on bikes and ponies and, of course, with the chickens which are getting tamer – they have no choice!

Take care everyone and stay safe.



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