Martin’s Blog 12th February

Thank goodness for that! A late night due to the BHA promising us a decision about whether racing would go ahead again and it didn’t come until well after 11pm. Usually we are fast asleep well before then but it was worth the wait and we are delighted that it is back on tomorrow ….albeit with some stipulations….

We were thankfully not on ‘lockdown’ anyway due to not having runners at the racecourses that suspected yards had runners however we had put ourselves on voluntary lockdown.

Also thankfully we were quick to get our vet in to vaccinate all those horses that hadn’t been vaccinated in the past 6 months – and also didn’t vaccinate those who didn’t need it crucially too. This means that Primogeniture and World War are able to run tomorrow and we won’t be held up at all with any of ours that we need to run. Phew, a relief. Thanks to Jeremy Swan at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic for helping us move so quickly with everything.

Definitely a spring in the step of the whole yard today and we are all excited to get back racing and also to know that Cheltenham and Aintree should now be unaffected. The big meetings are huge for all in racing and we all look forward to them whether or not we have runners in all the races.



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