Martin’s Blog 11th February

We are so fortunate that it’s ‘only’ windy here as there are so many others around the country suffering but the wind is absolutely bitter this morning.

Work morning and Warren Marston in and he worked Eclat Des Mottes. We also worked Big Nasty, Solstice Star, Sarasota Star, Cotswold Prince, Capital Force, Ten Past Midnight, Beneagles, Black Panther, Be Thankful, Mozzaro and Samtara. All the rest cantered. Racing Club/Partnership Manager Paul Davis was in for the morning & has gone home to warm up!

Physio Maggie Turner here and checked and treated a few of the horses.

Mel Baker from the BHA was also here for the whole morning observing the horses in their stables, checking bedding, general well-being and behaviour of the horses – all information that will be used to help racing show the outside world how well looked after these horses are. Mel had a free rein to check and observe them and she had lots of forms to fill in! Fascinating stuff and something we have been part of already as part of a wider project with Bristol University. I was obviously thrilled to hear at the end of the morning that Mel was impressed how well our horses looked with no rubs or marks on them – a true testament to how well our team look after them and how well they ride too.



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