Martin’s Blog 10th January

Busy schooling morning and therefore a late blog as we don’t seem to have stopped all day! Tom Bellamy was in and we schooled Fairmount, Weyburn, Somewhere To Be, Lerichi Belle, Cup of Ambition, Oscar World, Spice Girl, Dr Dunraven and Solstice Star at home over fences and hurdles. Alfie & Kieran took turns to lead the various groups or pairs on Champion Court – worth his weight in gold as he’s teaching these two so much and is an invaluable lead horse. Jamie, Harley, Ash and Mick all schooled too.

Second and third lot we took quite a few over to Jon Trice-Rolph’s to do some work in his outdoor school. This is so good for the younger horses and the riders get so much out of it too. We jumped Lady Vitesse, Cut and Run, Mister Valentine and Hartshorne Abbie and we were pleased with them all.

Much warmer here today and a chance to get every horse out in their paddocks after a few days where it has been far too bitterly cold or frozen so not safe to do so. They love going out in the paddocks obviously wrapped up well.

No runners today but I decided to declare Sporty Yankee for Leicester tomorrow.

January seems to be quite busy for birthdays and today it’s Claire Abernethy’s turn so happy birthday to Claire from us all!



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