Martin’s Blog 10th December

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas! Although I’m sure like me you love spending time with the family on Christmas Day but very much look forward to Boxing Day racing! I can’t really remember a time when Christmas Day meant a day doing nothing – since I left school I’ve not spent a Christmas without horses and there is a special buzz on Christmas Day where we usually ride out Boxing Day runners and try and finish as soon as possible. We do evening stables as a family so no-one has to come back and, after eating too much for lunch it’s a good way of pretending we are doing some exercise!

A busy Monday morning and, as usual, Farrier Nick Partridge was in along with one of our physios, Maggie Turner. Those of you who received our Newsletter on Saturday will know a bit more about how Maggie helps our horses. She’s an invaluable member of the team and if you aren’t receiving our Newsletter but would like to then please get in touch and we’ll add you to the list.

Kim Smith-Bingham called in at evening stables and is always a welcome visitor especially at Christmas time! We’ll give his partner Sarah the credit for our exquisite present (Belinda insisted on opening it today!) and it will be well used. The boys however have to wait until Christmas morning – Mum’s know best (i.e. do as I say not as I do!).

Whilst the ground is as soft as it is our entries are thin on the ground as most of ours are youngsters or good ground horses so we have to be careful of running them on softer going. Some however like it so if it would like to rain over Ascot for next week then that will be fine by me! We were all stressed and begging for rain and then it’s surprising how quickly it goes from good to firm to pretty soft – often no inbetween.



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