Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you so much to my hard working team and also to so many of our owners who have so generously sent money and goodies for them – much deserved and it was great to see them with armfuls of goodies – drink, chocolates etc. and a card each full of cash. As I have said, much deserved.

We also did a secret santa amongst our permanent team here … all was taken in good spirits and I now have a very hunky apron to wear thanks to Paddy! All good fun.

We’ve had the help of the Turner girls for a couple of weeks and Jemima & Polly were here to help and ride out this morning and their Granny Sue and John came to watch – Granny Sue seemed to be more excited about the drive in the buggy up the gallops with me!!

Tim Gibbs and Miranda Theobald also in this morning ensuring our team were done early and able to enjoy some fizz whilst unwrapping presents. With the help of the Turner girls the team have been getting done early for the last week or so ensuring all important time at home – there are obviously times when it’s tougher and harder with longer hours so to be able to help out over Christmas when the weather is rubbish and the days are dark is fantastic. Such a great team.

Tomorrow they are back in as usual but with extra help again and so only 3 each to muck out (instead of 5 or 6) and just one lot being ridden out too (in Christmas gear!). There will be nibbles and drink for those who aren’t rushing off but then we do evening stables ourselves as a family so most of the team won’t be back until Monday morning. Doesn’t sound a lot but to have a day and a half off over Christmas is huge in racing – we have no runners on Boxing Day so it works well. Special family time.

Happy Christmas to you all and thanks for all your continued support.



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