Friday 4th February

We’ve been busy and I’m sure there has been things to share but with us having no runners I’ve not done a blog for a few days – apologies! February is here! Oh and snow was a surprise to wake up to this morning – my poor team – it was meant to disappear by 7am but didn’t until after 9am so they had a very cold snowy 1st lot which was only good for the video I wanted to make!

Matthew Baker and Paul Davis in this morning and we worked Sojourn, Spanish Present, Breizh Alko, Melekhov, Culverwell, Carumba, Cut & Run, Duke of Luckley, Pay The Woman, Back on the Lash, Blazing Court, Love Of Neymore. All the rest cantered or did a swinging canter. Warren Marston and Harry Stock in to help ride out.

On Wednesday James Best, Sean Bowen and Finn Lambert were in and so we took the opportunity to school some of the team. Jon Hughes was in to watch some of his horses school and we schooled: Brorson, Meleknov, Culverwell, Carumba, Herecomeshogan, Sarasota Star, Breizh Alko, Sojourn and Cut And Run and I was delighted with them.

Tomorrow Sarasota Star and Brorson head up to Musselburgh to run there on Sunday under James Best and Sean Bowen respectively. Belinda & Beth head up with them after riding them out 1st lot and Paul Davis and me will head up mid morning after declarations. Thanks to my parents for helping with the boys and their busy football duties! Good luck to both horses and both boys too!



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