Cul De Poule WINS at 40-1!

What a wonderful sport ours is – we were all shocked but thrilled when Cul De Poule put his Hereford hurdling debut well behind him to power away from his opposition under a strong Andrew Tinkler to become our 9th winner of the season in the last race at Worcester last night.

Owned and bred by Roger & Yvonne Allsop, he’s not been the most straight forward at home as he’s not the easiest of rides but Max Comley, who has ridden him this summer, gets on well with him and has done most of his schooling and fast work so credit must go to him. Roger & Yvonne are huge supporters of racing and Roger, who lives near Ledbury and who has Worcester as his local track, yesterday came via Newton Abbot as he had a runner there too. We’ve always hoped that there were excuses for his disappointing hurdling debut but Roger did look as shocked as us yesterday when he won in such good style!

It could have all been so different and there are many other people to thank. Back in February we’d had one of those days – one of our lorries was involved in an accident on the M25 and did well to limp to Ascot Racecourse and then our most fancied runner of the day, Buckle Street, who was in the unaffected lorry, uncharacteristically whipped around as the tapes went up and Harry Stock had no chance of staying on him so race over. Our day was to get worse as we received a phone call from vet Tom Campbell on the way home saying that Cul De Poule’s grumbling stomach wasn’t improving and he needed to go in to the Clinic for observation. No lorries as one was broken at Ascot and the other on the way home from Ascot so Zoe & Abi Stock, who had also spent the day at Ascot races, rushed home, got their lorry and kindly collected Cul De Poule & delivered him to Bourton Vale Equine Clinic for us.

There he was to stay for quite a few days – he took quite a while to be well enough to return to us but thankfully didn’t need surgery. So huge thanks to Zoe & Abi for getting him there and the team there for their expert care. Since then it was felt he needed his wind looking at so we took him to wind specialist Ben Brain and he decided he needed his soft palate cauterising. What a job that obviously did. Brilliant.

We’d earlier fancied Dr Dunraven to run a big race for our Martin Keighley Racing Club but Andrew Tinkler reported he’d found the lovely ground a bit too slow for him as he likes it rattling and he was sore pulling up on his foot too so we have the farrier and the vet in checking him out this morning. It didn’t detract from a wonderful evening for the Club though as we had a picnic on the inside of the track opposite the Paddock and near to the last fence. It was the Club’s 50th runner since we set it up nearly 2 years ago and it is wonderful to see friendships made and likeminded people from a whole spectrum of backgrounds having so much fun. One of the members received Membership as a Christmas present last year and she said last night that it is the best Christmas present she’s ever had – perfect. There are still some places available so do get in touch to join us.

Tom Bellamy gave Forecast a super ride and said he felt the winner turning for home as he was still cruising however he stopped quickly and made a noise so we will get Ben Brain to have a look at him too as he’s still got so much to offer and is so genuine and willing.

Wet here first lot but then cooler but the rain seems to have gone through for the moment. The first time the horses have their light turnout rugs on in the field ….autumn is coming?

Three horses returned from Martin Jones’ pre-training yard today – all were sent to be backed and ridden away and they look superb. He does a great job. Pirate Look has returned from his summer holidays too looking well. He summered with Chris & Paul Dee but then had a few weeks doing flat work with Vicky Sadler and we look forward to cracking on with him.

Another August Birthday today – Worcester’s Twitter feed let the cat out of the bag last night – Happy Birthday Belinda!



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